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"A simple product but one that brings with it a ton of benefits."

"Here are a few reasons why: it is aerodynamic, safe, hydration is made easy, it is easy to clean, and it is fairly inexpensive."

"This is one of the best hydration systems you can put on your bike and its price makes it a real bang for your buck."


SipAway is the newest hydration system specially made for cyclists. It was designed so that a rider can quickly and safely lean forward to take a drink. SipAway's patent pending valve system then holds the fluid at the very top of the drinking tube so that it’s always easy to re-hydrate.

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The Patent Pending SipAway is creating quite a buzz after being used in several races. Whether you’re a weekend road warrior, short distance competitor or professional athlete, SipAway will have a huge impact when riding. It’ll make you feel safer, perform better, and help maximize your endurance.


Before you place an order please go out and really watch how often you take in fluids. You lose them at a slow constant rate yet some riders have to wait to find the right time to grab their water bottle and replace them. Take a moment on your next ride and notice how much more difficult it is to pedal when you reach for you bottle and raise up to drink. You take your balance and core out of pedaling. SipAway will help you stay in your most effective riding position and allow you to replace you fluilds at a steady rate. One sip at a time. If you're a triathlete, this will help your recover from your swim and tee up your hydration for your run.

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Team/Club special!

The makers of SipAway would like to offer a special discount for groups who order SipAways together. For a limited time, each order for 5 or more units will be receive a 20% discount. Please fill out our feedback form. if you are interested in this promotion. Once receiving your inquiry we will generate a special code for your order. It’s important to note by ordering multiple units together you will also save on shipping. We had several tri clubs take advantage of this offer in the previous years.

Make sure your check out our testimonials 

Our latest one sent to us by Steve in Tampa, FL:

" I am an avid Tri-Athlete and have used your hydration system for 100 triathlons (more or less) over the last 3 1/2 years. I participate in 25-30 triathlons annually. Personally I have found your system very safe, easy to use and very efficient. Before I started using your system I was stuck with reaching for a water bottle. That required me to take one hand off of the handle bars and try to drink without interrupting my cadence or losing valuable speed and time. Its also dangerous to try to ride on challenging courses. The SipAway system  allows me to continue riding without any interruption or loss of control. I could not be more pleased. I just ordered two new bottles so that I can have one ready for Race Day  and one for Training Days. Competing in a triathlon nearly every weekend (in Florida our season begins in earnest in March) during the season its important for me to maintain all of my equipment in top condition. As such my hydration system is an important component. I have seen other systems but none compare to the simplicity and ease of use of SipAway." - Thanks Steve!

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